Soup Maker: Which Is Best? How Does It Work? Is It Worth It?

What Is a Soup Maker?

In today’s world, there are more and more gadgets coming out every year for whatever food you can think of.

Slow cookers combined with pressure cookers, air fryers, electric grills that do it all, bread makers, and now soup makers.

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As a soup fanatic, the idea of a soup maker intrigued me, and I had to find out more.

We all know you can make soup in a slow cooker, but the downside to that is having to stir it periodically.

What we need is a slow cooker with an automatic stirring device, which is precisely what a soup maker is.

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Which Soup Maker Is the Best?

Philips Soup Maker

Philips Viva Collection SoupMaker, 1.2 L, Makes 2-4 servings, 6 Pre-set Programs, SoupPro Technology, Soup in Less than 18 Minutes, Eeasy Clean, Recipe Book, Black and Stainless Steel (HR2204/70)

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There actually aren’t a lot of soup makers out there. Philips is pretty much the first and only one.

Unless you want to buy a knockoff version. Philips may be the only one, but they do a fantastic job with all their products.

You know you are paying for quality when you buy a Philips product.

The Philips Soup Maker is an excellent option for empty nesters, college students, and singles.

Why do you ask? This soup maker makes the perfect amount of soup for two, and it does it fast.

You don’t have to spend forever heating a large pot for just two or one people.

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Simply add the ingredients, select the proper program, and let the magic happen in 18 minutes or less.

It can even cook raw meat. I like to cook mine first as a personal preference, but the capability is there.

Using the programs, you can make pureed soup, chunky soup, cold soup, compote, smoothies, and even milk bases soups.

It can make smoothies? That’s right. You didn’t read that wrong.

This soup maker also doubles as a countertop blender.

I’m not saying it’s a total replacement for a hardcore smoothie maker, but when called upon to chop up some fruit, this soup maker will do the job.

How Does A Soup Maker Work?

I’m glad you asked.

Using the pre-programmed soup settings, a heating element, and a blade, the soup maker will mix, chop, and heat all your ingredients for you, the end product being perfect soup every time.

The area where this soup maker shines is pureed soups.  You no longer have to use a blender or food processor and a pot for your favorite tomato soup.

Just throw in the ingredients, and the soup maker will do the rest.

Using software designed specifically for each kind of soup, the soup maker will blend the soup to the perfect puree and heat it to perfection.

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Do you love milk-based soups but hate how hard they are to heat just right?

The Philips soup maker has you covered.

They’ve created a program to blend and heat the soups at just the right speed and temperature to stop the milk from burning.

Making milk-based soups a breeze to cook and enjoy.

best soup maker and how it works
Ingredients used to make a yummy tomato soup in a soup maker.

Is A Soup Maker Worth It?

Real soup lovers like me will eat soup four or five times a week for lunch, dinner, or both.

So a soup maker is a no brainer.

Some people want to spend their money on fancy grills or pressure cookers, but for me, a soup maker is the perfect kitchen gadget.

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I can have fresh soup every day without having to freeze the leftovers or make a massive mess with pots, a food processor, and skillets.

Something I like to do is get a bunch of ingredients ready, portion them out, then keep them in the fridge for a few days worth of soup.

When I’m ready for a fresh, cozy, warm bowl of soup, I just pull the pre-portioned ingredients out of the fridge, toss them in the soup maker, and let it do the work for me.

In 20 minutes I’m happily eating soup with hardly any mess.

soup made by a Philips soup maker
Soup maker broccoli cheddar for a cold winter evening.

How To Clean A Soup Maker

The soup maker is an electrical product, so you can’t just throw it in a sink full of soapy water.

The way I clean it is by pouring cold water in the soup maker then turn on the blending option for a few seconds.

This does an excellent job of getting rid of most of the soup in the maker.

Then I pour out the water, add a little soap and hot water, take a sponge, and give it a good scrub.

After that, it just takes a little water to rinse it out, and the jar part of the soup maker is clean.

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The lid can’t be submerged in water either, but the blade is removable and can be cleaned in the sink.

You can take a soapy sponge and wipe down the knife and lid together.

It’s simple to clean if you know what to do and takes way less time than washing and a bunch of pans and a blender or food processor.

One of the most enjoyable feelings is knowing the kitchen is clean while warming up with a delicious bowl of fresh, homemade soup.

What is your favorite soup maker recipe? Leave a comment below.

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