Make Fantastic Pizza At Home – Vevor Gas Pizza Oven Review

I was sent the Vevor gas pizza oven to test. This review is my own opinion.

Why Should I Get A Gas Pizza Oven?

Nothing goes with a cozy Friday evening better than pizza, and now there’s a way to make fantastic pizza at home.

When you cook pizza in the oven, it’s not quite the same as the kind of pizza made in a restaurant. Even if you use a pizza stone, it’s still just a little different and in my opinion, not as great.

The biggest reason for this is heat, an home oven just doesn’t get as hot as a pizza oven. We’re talking around 500°F versus over 900°F.

A gas pizza oven, like the one made by Vevor, reaches temperatures over 900°F quickly. Which means you can be cooking fantastic pizza right away.

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Compared to traditional wood or pellet pizza ovens, they are much easier to use, heat up faster, and still make pizza that’s way better than your average home oven pizza.

The most popular gas pizza oven out there is made by a company called Ooni, but there are other excellent options out there, like the Vevor gas pizza oven that I’ve tested myself.

The Vevor is more budget friendly, comes with tons of accessories, and it makes pizza that’s just as good as what can be made in an Ooni.

Here’s my review of the Vevor gas pizza oven.

Vevor Gas Pizza Oven

vevor gas pizza oven on a patio

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Vevor Gas Pizza Oven Test

So I’ve been making pizza in the Vevor gas pizza oven for about 3 weeks now. That’s why the pizza stone looks a little used in my photos.

I’ve made pizza about 3 times a week, so around 9 times in total now, and I gotta say, the pizza has been fantastic so far.

I’ll admit the first pizza I made in this oven was a total disaster. But that wasn’t the pizza oven’s fault, it was mine.

Making pizza in any kind of pizza oven takes a little bit of skill. You will need to watch a few Youtube videos on how to do it, and you will need to learn what techniques work best for you.

The biggest thing to remember is you need to use lots of flour on the bottom of the dough and on the pizza peel. Because if the pizza sticks to the peel it’s not going to work.

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pizza being put into a vevor gas pizza oven with the included pizza peel
A pizza peel is included with the Vevor gas pizza oven.

You have to be able to get that pizza off the peel quickly so it can lay on the stone and start cooking in the center right away.

High temperature pizza dough works best as well. Like the kind of dough in this recipe here.


The propane line on the Vevor gas pizza oven is one of my only complaints. It’s a little short, I wish it was about 2 feet longer, but it’s still useable, just a little annoying.

It uses a standard propane connection with a built in regulator, just like a gas grill. Any large propane tank like a #20 or 30 will work with the Vevor pizza oven.

#20 propane tanks are easy to get, many grocery stores and hardware stores sell them already filled.

I’ve been mostly using the Vevor with a regular propane tank, but for this test and review, I thought it would be interesting to see if it worked with a small 1 lb propane tank.

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Vevor gas pizza oven with included cover and a 1 lb propane tank and adapter
Vevor gas pizza oven with the included cover on it next to a 1 lb propane tank and adapter.

To use the Vevor with a 1 lb propane tank you need this adapter (click to view on Amazon).

Being able to use a 1 lb propane tank increases the portability of the pizza oven and makes it more usable for people with limited storage space or those who don’t want to get a large propane tank.

Vevor gas pizza oven being fueled by a 1 lb propane tank
The Vevor gas pizza oven can be fueled by a 1 lb propane tank.

I’m happy to report that the Vevor gas pizza oven works fantastically with a small 1 lb propane tank and the adapter.

The max BTU output of the Vevor is 15,000. 1 lb of propane has about 21,500 BTUs. That means you could run the Vevor on full heat for 1.4 hours with a 1 lb tank.

I can make 2 pizzas in just 20 minutes, which includes the warm up time and everything. So a 1 lb propane tank should last long enough for me to make pizza 4 different times.

Not too bad if you ask me.

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temperature control and flame start dial on the side of the vevor gas pizza oven
The dial controls both the flame starter and flame strength on the Vevor gas pizza oven.

Flame Starter & Control

The heat control and flame starter are built into one dial that’s on the side of the pizza oven.

I like that the dial is on the side because it makes it easier to control the flame size while you are cooking pizza.

To start the flame you push in the dial and turn it to the lightning symbol. I found that it sometimes takes a few tries to get it started, mostly so the gas line can fill with propane.

Once the single burner in the back has started you can turn the dial to the flame symbol which means full heat.

Leave it on full heat until it has warmed up.

Pro Tip: Leave the flame on full until you put a pizza in the oven. When the pizza is in the oven turn the flame to low until it’s fully cooked. When the pizza is out of the oven turn the heat back to full. 

Temperatures & Heat Time

A good quality gas pizza oven should be able to reach inner temperatures over 900°F and the pizza stone should be able to heat to 700°F.

The Vevor gets plenty hot for cooking pizza quickly and perfectly. They advertise the warm up time to be around 15 to 20 minutes. And from my experience that’s true.

Where I live it’s cold and snowy right now. Which means I’ve been making pizza in freezing temperatures. And even though it’s cold, the Vevor has had no problem getting hot enough in 20 minutes.

This is an outdoor pizza oven, it probably could be used inside if you have a good oven fan, but it can get smoky because toppings do fall off when you’re rotating the pizza and they start to burn.

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I recommend using your gas pizza oven on the patio or in the garage, but make sure the garage door is open.

This is a propane fueled appliance. So you need to have good ventilation when it’s on.

I use this infrared thermometer by Etekcity (click to view on Amazon). Since it measures the temperature of a surface the best way to make sure the oven is hot enough to start cooking pizza is to take the temperature of the pizza stone.

Vevor gas pizza oven stone reaching 700 degrees in 15 minutes
Once the pizza stone is 700°F you can start cooking pizza in the Vevor gas pizza oven.

It should be up to 700°F about 1/4 of the way in.

Pro Tip: If it’s your first time making pizza in a gas pizza oven I recommend starting when the stone is a little cooler, around 600°F. This will give you a little more time to learn before the pizza burns.

One more thing to remember if you’re going to be using any kind of pizza oven in the wintertime is to bring the pizza stone inside for a few hours before you start heating up the oven.

Pizza stones have a tendency to crack if there is a sudden change in temperature. You shouldn’t have to pre heat it in the oven, but making sure it’s at room temperature before starting the oven is a good idea.

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Vevor gas pizza oven cooking a homemade pizza
Pizza cooking in the Vevor gas pizza oven.

Cooking Pizza

Once you figure out the best way to keep the pizza dough from sticking to the peel so it slides off easily into the oven it’s pretty easy to cook.

The trick is to keep the pizza moving so the crust doesn’t burn too much but to also let the bottom have contact with the pizza stone as much as possible so the dough fully cooks.

There’s only one burner in the back of the oven. This is common for 12 inch pizza ovens like this one.

If you get a larger 16 inch oven there will be a burner in the back and along the side.

I personally think the single burner is plenty. It’s enough work to keep the crust from getting too cooked with just one burner, I can’t imagine what it would be like with two.

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turning a pizza being cooked in a vevor gas pizza oven
I usually keep the pizza in the oven when I’m rotating it but I pulled it out to show how the pizza looks when it’s half cooked.

Vevor Gas Pizza Oven Review

So far I’ve really loved cooking pizza in this gas pizza oven. It does everything it’s advertised to do and it seems like it’s made with quality parts.

The legs fold in to make the oven more portable and the included cover also doubles as a bag you can carry it with.

There are lots of included accessories like the pizza peel, long tongs, a long knife pizza cutter, a roll pizza cutter, and a little tool you can use to light the oven if the spark lighter won’t work.

From what I’ve read the Vevor is a lot like the 12 inch Ooni Koda. The only difference is the pizza stone on the Ooni is slightly thicker.

Since the pizza stone in the Vevor is removable it would be easy to replace it with a better pizza stone if you don’t think the included one is good enough.

This stone by Unicook (click to view on Amazon) will fit perfectly and it’s a good replacement if the Vevor stone ever breaks.

I haven’t gotten into the specs of the Vevor in this review. If you want to know more you can check out the product description on

pizza cooked in the vevor gas pizza oven
BBQ chicken pizza made in the Vevor gas pizza oven.

Overall this is a fantastic propane pizza oven that is made to last. The only con I’ve found with it is the slightly short gas line, but that’s not a deal breaker for me.

If you’re looking for a great quality pizza oven that’s budget friendly the Vevor is a fantastic option that I highly recommend.

Leave a comment if you have any more questions about the Vevor gas pizza oven. 

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