Hello there!

I’m Jen, the founder of Cozy Minds. I created this blog because I consider myself a cozy-freak. No matter where I am if there is a way to make the situation cozier, you better believe I am going to do everything I possibly can to do precisely that.

And I’m not just talking about being comfortable on a Friday afternoon on the couch with a comfy blanket, it can be on an airplane, in the park, on a hike, or while camping. If you’re prepared for every situation you might find yourself in, you can live a life where you’re always cozy.

So what does cozy mean? The dictionary explains it as “giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.” I would call it an open word. It’s the kind of word that allows each of us to have a personal definition of. What brings me comfort and relaxation might not do it for you. That’s why I love the word cozy.

I created Cozy Minds because I want to create a community of people that love being cozy, whatever cozy means to each of us — a place where we can discuss and share ways to find comfort, warmth, and relaxation.

Starting, I have come up with a couple of categories that you can find in the menu. You’ll find product reviews, cooking recipes, music playlists, merchandise, and more. Down the road, I might add or remove categories depending on how I see fit. Feel free to add in your ideas and thoughts!

We also have a mascot! His name is Bjorn. Bjorn is all about being cozy. Cozy to him means being out in nature. Camping, fishing, eating, and cuddling is how Bjorn defines it. Where Bjorn came from, we’ll never know, but he reminds me a lot of my husband!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you in the comments!