Best Insulated Boot Blankets For Hunting, Stadiums & Winter

How To Use Boot Blankets

One of the most uncomfortable things, when you are in freezing temperatures, is cold toes and feet.

You can buy the best boots for cold weather, but it seems like if you are seated in a stadium watching a football game, hunting in a tree stand, or even taking a break on the mountain from sledding those pesky toes are always going to get cold.

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That’s where boot blankets save the day.

I’ve always had problems with my toes getting cold.

I’d never heard of boot blankets before, but once a friend told me about them, I knew I had to try them out.

You use boot blankets by placing them over your boots or shoes.

They have thermal insulation, are windproof, and are water-resistant.

Boot blankets are insulated bags you put over your boots or shoes to trap heat and keep your feet warm.

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Why not use heated socks or insoles, you might ask?

While heated socks and insoles are amazing and a fantastic way to keep your feet nice and cozy, they are battery powered and have a limit to how long they can keep your feet warm.

If you are going to be seated in the cold for a long time, you need something that won’t run out of batteries.

Pairing boot blankets and heated socks or insoles is an excellent way to keep your toes toasty, which not only warms your feet but keeps your entire body feeling warm.

If you have heated socks on under your boot blankets, you can trap the heat better and keep your feet comfortable even on the low setting and keep the heated socks or insoles running for longer.

ArcticShield Men's Boot Insulator
Polyester Tricot
Color Options
Black/ Realtree Edge/ Realtree Xtra
Size Options
S/ M/ L/ XL/ XXL
Water Resistant

ArcticShield Men's Boot Insulator
Polyester Tricot
Color Options
Black/ Realtree Edge/ Realtree Xtra
Size Options
S/ M/ L/ XL/ XXL
Water Resistant

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Best Boot Blanket Review

Arctic Sheild Boot Blankets/Insulators

ArcticShield 523000-804-040-18 Insulators, Large (10-11), Realtree Edge

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Arctic Shield makes some of the best boot blankets on the market today and their patented heat retention technology traps 90% of the heat released from your feet.

This keeps your feet toasty and warm no matter how cold it is outside and when your feet are warm, your entire body stays warmer.

The boot blankets are made with layers of 100% tough, durable polyester tricot.

They are windproof (very important for staying warm in a tree stand) and water-resistant.

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These boot blankets have more of a boot shape than other kinds and therefore are less bulky.

You can use them for hunting, tailgating, football games, ice fishing, and even snowmobiling.

The soles are also polyester and not made for walking, but you can stand up in them.

Arctic Shield has three color options: Black and Realtree Edge.

ArcticShield 523000-804-040-18 Insulators, Large (10-11), Realtree Edge

There are size options from small to 2XL for both men and women.

If you are between sizes or have large insulated winter boots, it is recommended to go a size up.

They fit around boots or shoes quickly and easily, using a large locking zipper in the back and a draw cord for an extra snug fit.

There is also a clip on each boot blanket so you can clip them to your bag or they roll up easily to fit anywhere.

ArcticShield 523000-804-040-18 Insulators, Large (10-11), Realtree Edge

For keeping your feet warm in freezing temperatures, Arctic Shield has you covered with its ultra-insulated and durable boot blankets.

There are lots of sizes to choose from and a color option for different uses.

Your time spent outside in the cold will become much more enjoyable with warm, comfortable boot blankets protecting your feet from freezing winds, water, and sub-zero temperatures.


  • 3 Color Options
  • 5 Size Options for Men & Women
  • Drawstring and Zipper Combo
  • Clips for Hanging Them
  • Retain Heat Retention Technology
  • Slim Design

Final Thoughts On Boot Blankets

Boot blankets are a lesser-known invention that should be part of people’s everyday winter, game day, tailgating, and hunting gear.

They are simple but effective and a great way to keep your feet warm even if you aren’t wearing high-tech winter boots.

And even if you are wearing high-tech winter boots, they will keep your feet even warmer, which helps you stay outside longer.

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If you have heated socks or insoles, pairing them with boot blankets will help you get the most out of the heat they put off.

There’s no use having socks that generate heat if it just escapes through your shoes and is lost.

With boot blankets, you can run your socks for longer on the low setting and your feet will be even warmer than if you have your socks on the high setting without boot blankets.

If you are tired of freezing while hunting or at the frigid winter football game, boot blankets are a simple, easy-to-use answer that will last for years and years.

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