10 Ways to Stay Warm and Cozy on an Airplane

Being Comfortable & Cozy During Your Flight

Airplanes are not known for being cozy, especially if you are flying coach.

They are usually cramped, have uncomfortable seats, and worst of all, cold.

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The biggest reason airlines keep their planes so cold is surprisingly to stop people from fainting.

Cabin pressure and temperature are both significant factors in a medical condition known as Hypoxia.

It’s when body tissues don’t receive enough oxygen, resulting in fainting.

High cabin pressure and warm temperatures increase the risk of hypoxia.

Because of this, they keep the temperature on the low side to accommodate different body types.

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If you are reading this article, chances are you are one of the people who are more comfortable in warmer temperatures.

I am also one who enjoys being warm.

I have made a list of the ten things that I do to stay warm on a flight and be comfy as well.

On long flights, I want to be as cozy as possible to help me sleep and enjoy the journey.

If I have a good flight, I have much less jet lag and can enjoy the destination much faster.

Increasing that valuable time for exploration and relaxation.


1. The Comfy

I was watching Shark Tank one day when the creators of the Comfy came on to pitch their fantastic product, which is a must-have for all cozy fanatics.

I purchased one as quickly as possible and soon found that the Comfy was not only an amazing product to have around the house, but it was also the perfect article of clothing to keep me cozy on any flight.

The Comfy (click to view on Amazon) is a blanket sewn into a hoodie.

It’s a one size fits all for adults and even children. For me, a 5’4” woman, it’s perfect.

It hangs down a little below my knees and has the most fantastic hood that not only keeps my head warm but shuts out a lot of the noise and activity that goes on during a flight, making me feel secure and grounded.

It has a large pocket to rest my hands in and keep them warm.

If you don’t require a lot to stay warm, but you need something that won’t fall off of you like a blanket and is less restricting than a traditional hoodie, then this is the only thing you need for a cozy flight.

I highly recommend the Comfy for not only flights but daily use around the house as well.

2. Slippers

Many people take their shoes off during flights, and honestly, I don’t see how they aren’t freezing by the time we land.

Let’s be honest, when sitting for 10 hours, no one wants to wear shoes, but socks aren’t enough for me to stay warm.

That’s why I always bring along a pair of slippers to not only keep my feet toasty but also covered if I need to walk around for a few minutes.

It’s also very true that if your feet are nice and warm, it’s easier to keep your whole body warm too.

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3. Hot Liquids

Usually, on flights, you will be offered something to drink, and hot coffee and tea are generally your standard options.

Warm drinks are a great way to help heat you and stay warm during a flight, especially if it’s one where you will be awake the entire time.

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On a flight where I will be trying to sleep most of the time, I’ve found that a warm herbal tea is the most effective way to warm me up and help me relax.

Unfortunately, herbal teas often are not offered on flights, and you can’t bring enough liquids through security to make a decent cup of tea.

Luckily, there is usually always a shop inside the airport that sells herbal tea.

I purchase one right before getting on the plane and drink it on while I’m waiting for takeoff, which makes me cozy right away and settles me in for the hours of sitting ahead.

4. Hand Warmers

There are many kinds of hand warmers out there, and the good news is most of them are TSA approved and won’t be a problem to take on a plane.

There are two main kinds, air activated (click to view on amazon) disposable hand warmers and battery powered (click to view on Amazon).

Each type works well, but I recommend the battery-powered kind for several reasons.

The first being that you can turn them off and on so you can have the warmth when you need it throughout the flight.

The second is that they are reusable, so you don’t have to buy something every time you get on a plane.

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Hand warmers are amazing on flights not only because they keep you warm, but they are also very comforting when you’re in a noisy, cold cabin packed with strangers and activity.

Just hold one in your hand for a cozy feeling, making the journey instantly better.

5. Sleep Masks

Most people will agree that a sleep mask (click to view on Amazon) is a must have on a long flight where it is necessary to sleep.

For lovers of warmth and the cozy sensation, sleep masks are a great way to keep your face warm.

There are a lot of different sleep masks out there, and my favorite type is the thick plush kind that keeps out all the light and warms my face.

6. Neck Pillows

Neck pillows (click to view on Amazon) are a staple for experienced flyers and a great way to get cozy.

There are many options out there from inflatable pillows (click to view on Amazon) to memory foam.

For me, the inflatable pillows, while very convenient, are less comfortable and colder than the stuffed ones.

It’s a good idea to try out a few kinds before flying so you know what matches your neck size best and material preference.

They even make a newer kind of inflatable travel pillow (click to view on amazon) that is basically a large rectangle with holes in the sides.

You use it by placing your head on it in a forward leaning position. You use the side holes to wrap your arms in it so it doesn’t move.

It’s a genius idea for sleeping in a chair and perfect for the times when you end up in the dreaded middle seat.

7. Travel Blankets

If The Comfy isn’t your thing and you prefer a blanket while on a flight, then you are in luck because there are many blankets out there designed specifically for travel (click to view on Amazon).

They are lightweight and often come with a small carry case that can be used as a pillow.

Blankets are a great way to stay warm during a flight, easy to pack around, and good for sharing if you are traveling with a friend or partner.

8. Hats

Much like slippers to keep your feet warm, bringing a hat to keep your head warm will also help keep your entire body cozy.

Beanies and knit hats are both comfortable and easy to pack.

My go-to flight hat is a long knit cap (click to view on Amazon) I can pull over my eyes and ears, doubling as a sleep mask and a way to keep some of the noise out.

Nothing makes me feel cozier than having a thick hat that warms me up and blocks out all the commotion.

9. Clothing

An outfit for flying must be carefully chosen.

You can bring all the blankets and accessories you want to stay warm, but if you aren’t dressed right to begin with, you are going to have an uncomfortable flight.

Many people go with sweats and a sweater, which is an excellent option for optimal comfort but not always the best choice.

In my experience with flying, I found that I often fly from a cold destination to a warm one.

It isn’t comfortable stepping into 90-degree weather wearing sweats and a hoodie.

That’s why I go for layers. If I know my destination will be warm, I wear something light but comfortable and put on a sweater over that.

If my legs get cold, I bring a loose pair of sweats that fit over my jeans or shorts or bring along a travel blanket to cover my legs.

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10. Movement

Moving around helps get your blood circulating and is often my last resort if I can’t seem to warm up.

Usually, about halfway into my flight, I get cold and stiff from sitting.

Most of the time, if the seatbelt sign is off, there is nothing wrong with walking from one end of the plane to the other to get your blood flowing a little.

It will not only warm you up but help with soreness from inactivity.

Once you’ve walked a few laps, it’s easy to settle in once again and enjoy the rest of your flight.

Those are the ways I stay warm on flights. Let me know what you do to stay comfortable while traveling by air, bus or train!

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